Tandberg TT1222



MPEG-2 Standard Definition Integrated Receiver Decoder

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Tandberg TT1222

MPEG-2 Standard Definition Integrated Receiver Decoder

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Affordable Digital TV Distribution

The TT1222 receiver provides a level of features, quality and sophistication that is unmatched in its affordability.

Comprehensive Transmission Security

The TT1222 offers tremendous breadth in decryption choice, supporting all major encryption systems including BISS 1 &

E, Common Interface and TANDBERG Director CA.

Sophisticated Functionality Sophisticated technologies in cluding MPE de-encapsulation and extensive VBI handling are just two of the advanced features that allow operators to carry and signal high rate data streams thereby increasing operational efficiency and revenue potential.

Low-cost, Efficient Management The TT1222 can be efficiently managed and maintained through integration into TANDBERG  Television’s Director control system.

This scalable system enables reliable, remote management and channel-tuning of large populations of receivers and reduces the need for costly, on-site operation.


Transport Stream Input Options

QPSK Input (TT1222/HWO/QPSK)

DVB-S QPSK Satellite demodulator

1 x L-band input

1-45 Msym/s

ASI Input (TT1222/HWO/ASI/IN)

ASI Transport Stream input

1 x BNC connector

Transport Stream Output Options

Single ASI Output (TT1222/HWO/ASI/OUT)

ASI Transport stream output

1 x BNC connector

Output data rates up to 50 Mbps

Dual ASI/SDI Output (TT1222/HWO/ASI/SDI)

2 x BNC connectors

Output any permutation of ASI/SDI on output connectors

TT1222/CIBAS model only

MPEG Transport Stream over IP


Dual 100BaseT IP output

ProMPEG FEC capability

MPTS or SPTS output stream

XLR Terminal Audio Break-Out Cable


Provides XLR terminal connections for audio output

1 x stereo pair per breakout cable via 2 x XLR connectors