AJ-SPX900E Panasonic P2 Camcorder



P2 DVCpro 50 Camcorder

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AJ-SPX900E Panasonic

P2 DVCpro 50 Camcorder

guter gebrauchter Zustand. Inkl. AJ-VF20WBE Viewfinder

Keine Pixelfehler. Der Camcorder arbeitet einwandfrei.

Es fehlt jediglich die Abdeckung für den Wireless Audio Empfänger

Verschleißfreies und geräuschloses Aufnehmen im DVC-Pro und DVC-Pro50 Modus mit dem P2 Speichermedium.


Three 2/3" 600,000 pixel IT CCD image sensors
Fully supports 25p shooting mode
Gamma curve for News
Digital signal processing with matrix colour correction
14 bit A/D quantization
2,000 lux sensitivity at f13
Minimum illumination: 0.09 lux (at f1.4/48 dB)
2x digital zoom
Customized user buttons and menu
Automatic white/black balance
Switchable from 16:9 to 4:9
Synchro-scan for flicker-free recording from data monitors
EBU colour bar generator
Gain selection up to +68 dB digital super gain
Built-in gen-lock function
Built-in 3.5" LCD monitor
Bayonet mount for 2/3" lenses
2 optical filter wheels: 1xCC, 1xND
Individual camera configuration with up to 8 preset files (4 stored in camera memory, 4 on SD Memory Card)


Digital component recording up to data rate of 50Mbps (DVCPRO50/DVCPRO/DV)
4-channel PCM audio recording
Instant record start
Hot-swap recording
Loop recording
Pre-recording function
Proxy data recording (option)
PC connection via WLAN or USB 2.0
Clip thumbnail function
Voice memo and shot marker
Colour playback
Built-in EBU/SMPTE time code generator / reader (LTC/VITC user bits)
Built-in monitor speaker, 2 earphone outputs
GPS unit (optional)