Tektronix WVR-5200



HD Multiformat Compact Waveform Rasterizer

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Tektronix WVR-5200

HD Multiformat Compact Waveform Rasterizer

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Monitor/Headphone Out1/4" Phono
Monitor OutputSignal Format
DVI-I Output XGA
1024 x 768, 60 Hz Vertical Rate
External Reference
Sync FormatsNTSC
Tri-Level Sync
DC Input Impedance20kΩ, Nominal
Return Loss>40 dB to 6 MHz

>35 dB to 30 MHz
Lock Range±50 ppm
Waveform Characteristics
Serial Digital Waveform Vertical CharacteristicsVertical Measurement Accuracy
At 1 x Gain, ±0.5% of 700 mV Full Scale
At 5 x Gain, ±0.2% of 700 mV Full Scale

1x, 5x, Variable Range 0.25 x to >7.5x

Freqency Response
Luminance (y) Channel ±0.5% to 5.75 MHz
Color Difference Channels (Pb, Pr) ±0.5% to 2.75 MHz

Luminance (Y) Channel ±0.5% to 30 MHz
Difference Channels (Pb, Pr) ±0.5% to 15 MHz
Horizontal Waveform CharacteristicsSweep Timing Accuracy

Sweep Linearity
Input Type4 x BNC: Internally Terminated 75Ω
Auto-detection between 3G, Dual Link, HD and SD Signals
3G support optional
Input Level800 mVp-p, ±10%
Input EqualizationMaximum Cable Run Using Type 1694A Cable
270 Mb/s = 705' (215 m)
1.5 Gb/s = 656' (200 m)
3 Gb/s = 426' (130 m)
OutputSDI Switched Output
Selected, Active Input or Test Signal
Return LossInputs and Outputs - Power On or Off
>15 dB from 1 MHz to 1.5 GHz
>10 dB from 1.5 GHz to 3 GHz