Kahuna 3ME HD Vision Mixer



Snell & Wilcox Vision Mixer HD

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Kahuna 3ME HD Vision Mixer

Snell & Wilcox

Der Mixer kommt mit folgenden Teilen:

  • 3 ME compact controle surface

  • 11 RU Mainframe

  • GUI Panel

  • REMOTE AUX Panel

  • 32 HD source Inputs

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Graphical User InterfaceColor touchscreen. One Graphical User interface isrequired with every Control Surface used. Alsomultiple GUIs can be used on one Kahuna system.


The Mainframe contains all the electronics for theKahuna system. This includes all the Digital VideoEffects processing, Switcher Processing and PSUfor the mainframe (including redundancy)

1 Rack Unit Aux Panel

Single Aux output control panel.

2M/E Kahuna (SD or HD) system

Standard options:

2 M/E control Surface (with Mnemonics), 32 crosspoint buttons.

GUI Stand for GUI

11 Rack unit Mainframe

Standard power supplies (2 in Mainframe and 1 in the Control Panel)

32 inputs

16 outputs total. - 8 M/E outputs and 8 Auxiliary Outputs

2 Mix effectsEach M/E features

4 Full effects Keyers per M/E

Linear & Luma processing

Transition Engine per Keyer

HD version will support all standards (inclusive of 1080i/59.94 & 720p) SD version 525/625

SpecificationsTV Standards (Options)

625/525 4:3625/525 16:91080i60Hz SMPTE-274M(4), -292M(D)1080i59.94Hz SMPTE-274M(5), -292M(E)1080i50Hz SMPTE-274M(6), -292M(F)1035i60Hz SMPTE -260M,-292M(A)1035i59.94Hz SMPTE-260M,-292M(B)1080p30Hz sF1080p29.97Hz sF1080p25Hz sF1080p24Hz sF1080p23.976Hz sF1080p30Hz SMPTE-274M(7) -292M(G)1080p29.97Hz SMPTE-274M(8) -292M(H)1080p25Hz SMPTE-274M(9) -292M(I)1080p24Hz SMPTE-274M(10) -292M(J)1080p23.976Hz SMPTE - 274M(11) -292M(K)720p60Hz SMPTE-296M(1), -292M(L)720p59.94Hz SMPTE-296M(2), -292M(M)720p 50Hz