Sascha Groos - Second BroadcastWe are broadcast, and want to offer expensive cheaper.

What do we do?

We specialize in distributing high quality used equipment from the broadcast world.

This means that we have everything in our portfolio, from the small zoom demand to the big TV OB van.
We also offer "starter" packages, such as complete EB camera equipment or the individual camera channel with box lens for your event, but also large packages, depending on the wishes of our customers.

If you have a special request, share it with us and we will try to realize it with you.

What makes us special?

Other do only "broke", we know what is important.

We are professionals in the used equipment market. With in-depth knowledge of broadcasting technology, we are able to review all devices before selling.

  • Camera test for pixel errors
  • Drive functions
  • Camera matching
  • Software upgrades
  • Check the lenses, especially the mechanics
  • Checking the lenses
  • Smooth running of the gears

We can also "old school"

Whether U-matic, 1 "B or 1" C VTRs, Betacam, Digibeta or even HDCAM devices.
We are doing maintenace for some well-known customers and keep these old devices alive with love.

Where do the equipment are coming from?

Our offered equipment comes from completed projects, equipment change or even operational tasks. We also offer devices that served as exhibits.

We also stock a search-offer list. Should a wanted device come in, we will call you.
If you also want to sell your equipment, send us a list.

your Sascha Groos

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