Cambase Orbiter Ultra Flat




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Cambase 500 Orbiter Ultra Flat


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The Orbiter 500 superflat 4.0 is a mobile and modular low profile camera seat. It has been designed for all low shooting camera positions at outdoor broadcasts such as soccer, tennis or athletics and for studio use. It helps to capture great shots while working in difficult locations with ease and comfort.

At soccer matches it is used at all low shooting cameras close to the pitch.

The Orbiter allows independent movement of camera and seat, along the same axis and pans over 360° at a very low level, providing easy operation and reducing disturbances due to its central cable feeding.

The most remarkable and patented feature of this system is that contrary to others, the seat of the Orbiter is not directly connected to the camera column. Almost no shock motion is transmitted from the operator to the camera as the camera column is not loaded by the operator‘s weight. The unlinked rotation along the same axis also avoids unwanted movement of the camera when moving the seat.

The new Orbiter 500 4.0 superflat comes with a sealed high precision bearing with an integrated, steady friction facilitating 360° panning; smooth, steady and noiseless operation coming close to the characteristics of fluid heads.