Prefabricated trailer for video and audio technology without technology



Prefabricated trailer for video and audio technology without technology

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Prefabricated trailer for video and audio technology without technology

The trailer is now four years old and in a very neat and clean condition.
This is immediately ready for driving and has a 100 KM / h approval with a clutch. It has a permissible total weight of 2.800kg, is 6m long, 2.05m high and 2m wide.
The trailer is very elaborately built with a very stable steel support frame table for the large monitors and workstations.
The weight of 2.350kg was never exceeded during the full removal phase.

The three large monitors remain in the trailer.
1x a 42 "HD broadcast monitor from Sony with HD-SDI inputs, as well as two 65" Plasma Monitors from Panasonic.

The trailer has a very well functioning heating, a powerful air conditioning and a powerful ventilation.
The 19 "control cabinet with a large installation depth offers plenty of space for 19" installation units.
Even at drink holders at the workstations below the table edge is thought. The soft and very robust foam rubber edge for the elbows at the work table is very helpful for long production days.

A service door, which is located directly behind the switchgear cabinet, is installed for backwards working on the installation units in the control cabinet. In addition, there is a second very generous service flap at the front of the trailer. Also here are 19 "recording corners.
The rear is intended for loose cable drums, which can be stored there very well for the production. Both levers have splash-proof cable outlets.

A double floor was also installed to give the trailer greater stability. The trailer stands straight, runs very stably and undisturbed behind the towing vehicle.

The electrical project is solid and offers many possibilities. It is designed for 32A CEE with the rear connector at the rear.

The wooden tabletops can be exchanged, if desired. It is not a continuous work table. Either put a flat metal plate over the existing cutouts, or create a larger cutout. Depending on which devices you want to use.

The hanger offers a lot of space and a lot of possibilities.

Whether to use as a video or sound regie or even both, as it has been used so far to realize smaller and larger projects.