Vinten VECTOR 750 tripod system



VECTOR 750 tripod system with HDT-2 legs and bars

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Vinten VECTOR 750 tripod system

VECTOR 750 tripod system with HDT-2 legs and bars

These tripod systems are coming in a normal used condition.

They were maintenanced during th etime and are in 100% fully working condition.

There are in total some units available.

Manufactor infos:

The Vector 750 features a centre of gravity range span of 8 to 25 cm/ 3.1 to 9.8 ", which with its maximum payload of 75 kg / 165.3 lbs, allows a greater use of camera accessories such as talent monitors and spotlights. A monitor bracket is available as an optional accessory. The inclusion of some additional robust internal components makes the Vector 750 even more durable.

The Vector 750 uses a unique counterbalance mechanism that does not use springs or cams. Instead a system of mechanical linkages balances cameras with various centre of gravity points, making adjustment simple and eliminating the need for time consuming cam changes when altering the camera configuration.

  • Wide centre of gravity range
  • 75 kg maximum payload
  • Higher output drag modules provide excellent control for heavier payloads
  • Optional side mounted monitor bracket
  • Extensive operating temperature range from-40° to +60°C
Height:25.5 cm / 10 "
Length:35.5 cm / 14 "
Width:35 cm / 13.5 "
Weight: 17.9 kg / 39.5 lbs
Max. Capacity:75 kg / 165.3 lbs
Tilt Range:±52° @ 75 kg / 165.3 lbs
Platform Adjustment:33 cm / 13 "
Pan Bar:Single telescopic
Camera Fixing:Wedge adaptor (sold separately, ref 3053-3)
Levelling Bubble:Illuminated
Base Fixing:4-bolt flat with Quickfix groove