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HDTV OBvan for up to 8 cameras and 1-2 EVS places

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For sale is a ready-made HD broadcast television OBVAN

Get in and start to produce.

  •      12.5t total weight
  •      Total length: 8,80m
  •      Width: 2.55m
  •      Height: 3,20m
  •      Engine: EURO 3
  •      Mileage: 480.500km

The truck is from the year of construction 20.02.1998 with green license plate. The complete OB van was completely rebuilt in February 2017. This included a complete ground republishing of the entire truck, as well as a complete review of engine and transmission, etc. The truck / OB van has of course currently TÜV and is also in use. The box body is in excellent condition.
Air - Ventilation - Heating
The car has a 3-space concept. Each room has a separate air conditioning, a ventilation and a heating system. The complete systems are installed by a specialist company and regularly in maintenance.

Price on request

Image direction 8 channel live-energy
1x NewTek TriCaster 8000 from March 2017 in full development. (Main level video) already converted to the new NDI standard

8 simultaneous HD / SD inputs
8 virtual inputs that work as an advanced mix / effects bus.
6 digital media players for video playback, tracks, stills, music and sound
8 M / It with independent 3D positioning, scaling, cropping, keying,
Record macros of functional sequences.
Integrated TransWarp effect engine
PTZ camera control
Up to 8 freely configurable, interactive hotspots per input
Integrated application for YouTubeTM, Facebook, TwitterTM, Flickr®,
Audio routing
HD live streaming via gigabit connection with presets in up to 720p,
NewTek IsoCorderTM technology - simultaneously records up to 8 video channels
Supported formats: QuickTime®, H.264®, AVI and MPEG-2

slow motion
1x NewTek 3-Play 425 6x Slomo (4x camera in - twice out) Highlight cut possible

Distribution cable drum glass fiber / copper
5x 200m punctured optio-hybrid cable fiber optic copper for signal distribution HD-SDI (in and out). Very sturdy fiber optic copper cable with integrated power supply Ü-Wagenseitig in Triax connector.

command system
Matrix - Riedel Performer 32x32 + 165x Riedel Artist 1000 intercom stations3x Riedel Performer intercom stations (FOH etc.)

Commando radio
1x Riedel Riface AL radio continuous transmission - continuous speech 1x large ClearCom Free Speak 2 reception line radio
We use two systems here. Once a Riedel Riface AL radio with continuous speech and continuous listening, as well as the large ClearCom Free Speak 2.

For good reception, antenna bubbles are set up at the work locations of the reception line. An antenna is permanently installed on the OB van, two further antennas are installed around the working area of ​​the TV production on the associated tripods. The antennas are only connected to CUT-7.

The car is technically prepared for an EVS.

It could be installed up to 7x RCP s.

On the entire car, a modern network is installed.

camera technology
6x Grass Valley LDK 6000 Worldcam with CCU and RCP with new 200m (11mm) Triax Fischer cable drum per camera without optics. 2x 30m (8mm) triax whips. The triax cable drums were rebuilt in February 2017.

The complete OB van is very simple and very clearly structured. All cables are neatly laid and everything is well traceable. All components are easily interchangeable. There is also room for more technology.

There are three identical air-conditioning systems installed in the OB truck. One in the audio industry, one in video art and one in image technology. All three plants will be filled with new climate liquid in March 2017. The three air conditioners work perfectly. In addition, a powerful fan heater for permanent operation in winter under the workplace of the director is permanently installed. In the summer it is really cold in the vehicle and really warm in the winter. Of course you can adjust everything to your desired temperature.

The car is currently a Allen & Heath Qu-24 Chrome installed, as well as a Yamaha DM 1000 Neumann active listening boxes and various gauges. From the audioregie the matrix of the Riedel and the Free Speak 2 is controlled by a laptop.
All audio inputs and outputs are labeled in the rear and on the additional audio patch panel. To get to the Stagebox, we use a CUT-5 cable, which we can settle 140m.
5x Sennheiser handsparks, 3x In Ear, 2x lapel microphones, 2x complete Sennheiser wireless microphones, a variety of 3-pin XLR cable reels, CUT 5 and CUT 7 cable reels. From the Obvan to the hall we go in the audio area with Cut 5 connection to the stage box in the hall. 2x 8 channel audio split available. Everything ready wired and labeled in the case. Various Sennheiser antennas, all conclusively prepared and ready to use.



  • 1x NewTek Tricaster 8000 with NDi and all graphic option.
  • 1x 8 channel Blackmagic Videoedit as spare (ATEM Television Studio 19“)
  • 1x SDHC Blackmagic recorder Hyperdeck Studio mini)
  • 1x AJA Kumo 64x64 video router
  • 1x NewTek 3Play 425 6x solo


  • 6x Grass Valley LDK-6000 Worldcam channels (Triax Fischer)
  • 5x Manfrotto HD504 tripods
  • 5x 200m Triaxcable drums (11mm)
  • 4x 300m Triaxcable drums (11mm)
  • 2x 30m Triaxcable drums (8mm)
  • 3x 100m Triaxcable drums (11mm)
  • 5x 200m special fibre / cabledrum HD-SDi in/out VESTEK Hydra200


  • 1x Riedel 32x32+16 Performer commando
  • 5x Riedel 1000 Artist (12 port) panels
  • 1x Riedel Rivale AL HF
  • 1x ClearCom Freespeak 2AL HF with belt packs and 3x Headset´s
  • 8x Riedel Headset´Headsets
  • 6x Kennwood digital HF with charger
  • 1x Laptop for Riedel Matrix and Clearcom


  • 2x MAC 19“ for recording (2x Blackmagic extreme boards)
  • 1x MAC 19“ for video router controll
  • 3x Atomos HD-SDi SSD Recorder
  • 3x Blackmagic HD-SDi SSD Recorder
  • 2x LGZ USB recorder


  • 1x 17“ JVC DT-V17G25 HD Monitor (measurement)
  • 1x 17“ JVC DT-V17L3R HD Monitor (measurement)
  • 1x 19“ 4x Measure monitor with Righton monitor bridge
  • 1x Multiviewer Decimator Design Multiview DMON-62
  • 7x PC Videoedit monitors
  • 1x 19“ Tally router
  • 2x 48“ Philips Monitor for Audio regie
  • 6x Blackmagic Smartview Duo
  • 2x Blackmagic 17“ Smartview HD
  • 3x Blackmagic 17“ HDSDI Smartview HD


  • 2x active audio speaker Persons R6S
  • 1x 24 channel Allen & Heath QU24 digital audio mixer
  • 1x Yamaha DM1000 MIxer
  • 2x Neumann active speaker KH120A
  • Several audio measurement equipment
  • 5x Sennheiser EW-100-94S G3 Sets
  • 2x Sennheiser EW-300 IEM G3 wireless In Ear set´sets
  • 2x Sennheiser mini Mircophones
  • 2x 8 channel audiospliter
  • Several audio miscellaneous (Antennas, tripods, audio cable drums etc.)

  • 1x Graphic PC for sport clock