Grass Valley LDX-86 universe camera channels



4K Grass Valley LDX-86 Universe

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Grass Valley LDX-86N 4K camera channels

5 channels are available

Native 4K Chip and HDR license

Excellent condition and not really often used

  • LDX 86N 4K Camera head
    Supports 1080i, 720p, 1080PsF, and 1080p formats - Supports Native 4K formats
    Perpetual HDR eLicense für LDX-86N - Support of SMPTE 2084 / PQ and HLG
  • XF Universe Adapter
    XF Universe Fiber Adapter - SMPTE Lemo, Supports all HD video formats including 1080p50/59.94, Supports 4K formats, Supports up to 6x speed operation
  • XCU UNIVERSE UXF - SMPTE Fiber Lemo, Includes UXF Cradle (4x SFP+ cages), Full Hybrid XCU: Supports all (HD/3G/4K) video formats over SDI and over IP
  • EyeCatcher EC200 - 2“ ENG color Viewfinder
  • LDK 4640/20 - OCP 400 Control Panel
  • LDK 5903/00 - AC power supply - 45 Watt - 12V DC, OCP/MCP powering
  • LDK 5031/10 - Tripod adapter plate
  • Grass Valley Mic holder
  • LDXN 86 Kameras Grass Valley Tallyadaptor for LDX
  • Grass Valley Intercomadapter for LDX cameras
  • Beyerdynamic DT-108 Headset
  • Beyerdynamic DT-109 Headset