Evertz 3000MVP Multiviewer



HDSDI Multiviewer

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Following Boards are included:

3x 3001MVP-0V-HSN
octal (8) auto-sensing Module with HD-SD/Composite-Analog (NTSC, PAL-x) video input, with embedded audio input

2x 3000MVP-0V-HSN (8x HDSDI Inout Card)

1x 3000MVP-0V-SN (8 channel SDI / composite input board)

2x 3000MVP-PPR-16x16 (PACKET ROUTER)

2x 3000MVP-PPMV (HDSDI / DVI Ouptut)

2x 3000VGO (Output Processing Board Board)

1x 3000MVP-PPMX16-4H4G (Multi-Output Display Processor Module)

1x 3000PPM-X16-AUX

1x 3000 VGO-G (Output Processing Board Board)