Evertz 5601MSC



Master SPG Master Clock System

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Evertz 5601MSC

Master SPG Master Clock System

incl. following options:

  • HD/SD Test Generator
  • dual power supply
  • ntp


  • 6 independently timeable programmable reference outputs
  • Bi-level or Tri-level outputs selectable
  • 2 Independent LTC/IRIG-B Time Code outputs
  • LTC/IRIG-D Input (optional IRIG-B)
  • Reference loop input for video and 10MHz/5MHz references
  • GPS option for frequency and time reference (GLONASS option)
  • SNTP option for time reference
  • 3.58/4.43/5MHz frequency reference output
  • 10MHz frequency reference output
  • Wordclock output
  • Output frequency stability guaranteed better than 1.0 x 10-8 (or 0.01ppm)
  • Optional modem for time reference dial up
  • 2 GPS based units will be in time and phase even when remotely separated by miles
  • Optional Network Time Protocol (NTP) server support (NTP requires a time reference such as GPS/GLONASS, modem, VITC, LTC or SNTP. GPS/GLONASS is the recommended reference)
  • Optional PTP/IEEE-1588 master support
  • Dual 6 line x 16 character Alpha-numeric display, with 10 pushbuttons
  • Rack mountable
  • Optional redundant hot swappable power supply
  • Automatic changeover units available for dual redundant systems applications
  • Compatible with Dual GPS Data Fiber Receivers & Transmitters
  • 2 factory presets and 3 user presets available
  • VITC reader on reference input for time reference
  • Ten Field Pulse is available on NTSC sync outputs
  • VistaLINK® control for device configuration and status monitoring
  • All active components are front panel extractable & serviceable
  • Fans are hot swappable