Multifunction HDTV OBVAN



Space for up to 12 cameras & 3 EVS´s

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Multifunction HDTV OBVAN **

for up to 12 cameras & 3 EVS´s

The OBVAN was built in 2006 & owned by 1 company

Ready and pre cabled for up to 12 HDTV Camera channels and for 3 EVS servers

EURO 5 engine with only 180.000km
Tractor was fully serviced in 2019


Overall length: 12m
Width: 2,5m
Width expended: 5,1m
Height: 4m
Weight: 25 Tonnes

4x separate air-conditions for cooling and heating
Outside connection panel with 12x triax & 12x fibre plugs
HDTV Formats: 1080i/720p
CEE 63A 5 Pin power connection

GVG Kayak Switcher 350
72 Inputs / 36 Outputs
2.5 M/E
4 Keyers per ME
2 Chroma Keyers
4 channel DVE on ME1 & ME2
1 channel DVE on PP

Video Matrix:
Grass Valley Trinix Video Matrix 128x224
8x Analog external
6x HD to SD down converter with colour corrector
2x SD/HD framestore
4x SD to HD upconverter

Monitor Wall Production HD:
24” PGM, 11x 24” Quadsplit, 16x 17” Cam PVW with UMD
Monitors Productiondesks HD:
5x 17” Quadsplit, 2x 17” PGM
Monitors Engineering HD:
9x 19” Quadsplit, 4x 17” OLED Shading / Control
Monitors Audio HD:
2x 17”, 12x 10”

Audio Mixing Console:
Studer Vista 8 Audio mixer 52 faders all mappable for in & output 7.1 audio monitoring controle unit
3x Stereo PTT out

Stage Box on Fiber Cable:
2x with MTX panel, Intercom, Video- and Audio tielines
Audio Matrix:
Studer Vista DSP Core 48 Mic Input, 54 Line Input,
30x Analog Output, 5x VTR in/out
34x AES Input, 12x AES Output, 3x LSM in/out 4 MADI 64 channel input and output board

Monitoring Audio:
  3x Dynaudio BM12a
2x Dynaudio BM6a MK2 compact
1x Dynaudio BM10S surround  

Monitoring Production:
5x Dynaudio BM5a Compact surround  
Monitoring Engineering:
2x Dynaudio BM5a Compact surround
TC Galm 6000FX with Icon, 3x D-Two Delay 2x Wave L2 digital limiter, TC D2 Digital delay
2x Neve analog limiter, Analyser DK MSD 600

(De-) Embedder:
2x Embedder, 2x De-Embedder
RTS Cronus 48 x 48
16x port for KP632 or KP12 14x 4-wire IFB

2x RTS dual channel with 4x Beltpack and headset
Wireless intercom:
Duplex Motorola Floormanager/ Production 4x Simplex Motorola engineering


Please note that following items are not included: Cameras, lenses, EVS server, tripods and cables.

It would be possible to sell this OBvan incl. this items, but against additional prices.