Canon HDT wide angle lens

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Canon HD wide angle lens

This lens comes in great condition. There are no scratches at the glasses.

Motor and mechanic runs totally smooth.

Specs from Canon HJ11ex4,7:

Zoom Ratio11x
Built-in Extender2.0x
Range of Focal Length
(with Extender)
9.4~104mm (2.0x)
Maximum Relative Aperture
(with extender)
1:1.9 at 4.7~40.3mm
1:2.45 at 52mm
1:3.8 at 9.4~80.6mm
1:4.9 at 104mm (2.0x)
Angular Field of View
(with Extender)
4:3 Aspect Ratio
(8.8 x 6.6mm)
86.2° x 70.1° at 4.7mm
9.7° x 7.3° at 52mm
50.2° x 38.7° at 9.4mm
4.8° x 3.6° at 104mm (2.0x)
16:9 Aspect Ratio
(9.6 x 5.4mm)
91.2° x 59.8° at 4.7mm
10.5° x 5.9° at 52mm
54.1° x 32.1° at 9.4mm
5.3° x 3.0° at 104mm (2.0x)
Minimum Ωbject Distance (M.Ω.D.)0.3m (10mm with Macro)
Ωbject Dimensions at M.Ω.D.
(with Extender)
4:3 Aspect Ratio
(8.8 x 6.6mm)
65.3 x 49.0cm at 4.7mm
5.7 x 4.3cm at 52mm
32.7 x 24.5cm at 9.4mm
2.9 x 2.2cm at 104mm (2.0x)
16:9 Aspect Ratio
(9.6 x 5.4mm)
71.4 x 40.2cm at 4.7mm
6.2 x 3.5cm at 52mm
35. 7 x 20.1cm at 9.4mm
3.1 x 1.8cm at 104mm (2.0x)
Size (W x H x L)168.2 x 110.6 x 241.0 mm
Weight (Approx)1.94kg(4.29lbs) / 2.04kg(4.51lbs)