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SNG Mercedes Sprinter 316

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Mercedes Sprinter 316

build by ND Satcom Germany

This DSNG is in very good condition and build with the highest standards and equipment.




- Mercedes Benz 316 CDI
- Build in 2011
- Mileage: 230.000 km
- L/H/W: 5,1m/2,7m/1,95m - Weight: 3,5 tonnes

- Euro-norm: Euro 5

- 1,9m ERA dish
- 2+2 redundant
- Four path SNG with variable path combiner - Power adapter CEE63/32/16 + 220V

- build from ND Satcom Germany
- the Van is in excellent condition
- with documentations of service and repairs
- The front (Driver+Co) seats are 180° turnable


2x ADTEC EN-81 up to 32psk, 16 audio channels 1x ADTEC EN-100 up to 32psk, 16 audio channels All Encoder are with full options

1x Tandberg Voyager E5788 8psk, 16 audio channels 1x Tandberg Voyager E5788 8psk, 16 audio channels

The Options from the Tandberg Voyager E5788 are:

- SD MPEG 4:2:0 & 4:2:2 - HD MPEG 4:2:0 & 4:2:2 - ASI Interface

- QPSK Modulator (70MHz)
- Upgradeable to 8QPSK and 16 QAM - Upgradable to DVB-S2

- 2 free expansion slots
- SDI Input & Analog Video Input
- AES/EBU & Analog Audio Input (two stereo pairs)

- Web Browser Interface
- Including Option RAS Scrambling
- Including Option BISS-I & BISS-E Scrambling - Including Option DVB-S2 Modulation
- Including Option DVB-S2 QPSK & 8-PSK


2x ADTEC RD-60 1x ADTEC RD-70

1x Vantage VT.7000
1x Tandberg TT1290 (spare unit)

All Decoder have full options installed


2x Nortel TWTA 400W HPA Outdoor
1x Nortel TWTA 400W HPA Outdoor – as spare part

Helix Power Value:

HPA 1: working hours: 4492h, I Heat = 1109mA, U Helix = 8,46kV, I Helix 0.4mA at 218W

HPA 2: working hours: 3373h, I Heat = 1114mA, U Helix = 8,6kV, I Helix 0.3mA at 247W

HPA 3 (spare): working hours: 4089h, I Heat = 1368mA, U Helix = 8,63 kV, I Helix 4,9mA at 346W


- 1x Videotec HD Star
- 1x TSL Doly Decoder PAM1-3G - 1x Videotec VTM Series

HPA Control:

- 2x Nortel Dasa HPA Control

Antenna Control:

- 1x ND Satcom ACU5020

Redundancy switch:

- 1x Nortel Redundancy switch

Phase combiner:

- 1x Mitrec Phase combiner

Spectrum Analyzer:

- 1x Rohde & Schwarz FSH3 Spectrum Analyzer

Satellite Router:

- 1x ND Satcom UPC-3112AJ


- 2x Sat Service LRDM-28 Splitter


- 1x Marshall Dual Rack Monitor - 1x Marshall V-MD503
- 1x Marshall V-R18P


- 1x Nevion SL32XY-CP
- 1x Nevion 32x 32 Router
- 1x Aja FS-1
- 1x Aja Reclock HD
- 1x Aja Reclock HD
- 1x Aja Embedder
- 1x Aja Disembedder
- 1x Stageline 2way distribution amp – IFB distribution - 1x Stageline 4way distribution amp
- 1x Prospect IFB Talkback unit
- 1x rear panel BNC / XLR / Con Quad / RJ45
- 1x video patch panels BNC
- 1x audio patch panels Lemo


2x Neutrik 100m Con Quad 2x 60m HD SDI BNC drum 1x 50m CEE 16 drum
1x 50m T13 drum


1x Aja KiPro mini VTR
1x Panasonic HDD / DVD Player 1x Terra NUC PC

Power Generator:

1x Fischer Panda Power Generator (5KVA) Emergency Power Generator system

Air condition:

Vehicle air condition through 220V compressor with ignition switched on (without running engine)