Sony 2.7" HD Color Viewfinder

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Sony 2.7" HD Color Viewfinder

This color viewfinder comes in excellent used condition.

The display is bright, sharp and without any defectiv pixels.

With its high levels of color accuracy and versatility, Sony's HDVF-C30WR 2.7" Color Viewfinder makes a fitting companion to the CineAlta professional camcorders for which it was designed. Also compatible with Sony's PDW-F800 and HDC-3300R cameras, this viewfinder uses an advanced image processor to combine enhanced focus-assist features with improved luminance and a selectable color temperature (5600K/6500K/9300K). The HDVF-C30WR provides the precise focusing and natural color reproduction needed for professional applications such as moviemaking, TV, and commercial production.

2.7" Color LCD
Large 2.7" 16:9 quarter HD (960 RGB x 540) color LCD.
LCD Panel Protection Mechanism
Suppresses sun-beam burnout of the LCD panel, delivering superior durability.
Natural Peaking Function
Allows focusing with sharper peaking in a life-like image.
Color Peaking function
A newly developed function which shows the shooting object's focused area in actual colors.
S-LOG Gamma Support
S-LOG mode can be set by simply touching a switch.
Color Space Matching with the F35/F23
The HDVF-C30WR can be set to the camera's color space setting automatically or manually.
Detachable Eye-Piece
Allows users to view the LCD directly.
Dot-by-dot Picture Magnification
Gives six-selectable areas, keeping a high resolution even in the magnified image.
Luminance Level Indicator
Allows the user to check the luminance level of a signal. Individual designated signal levels (from 0% to 105%, in 10% increments) can be easily monitored in color.